The womb is a mysterious organ! Within it grows life and it can also cause great strife. Many gynaecological problems are quite common, but some are severe enough to cause disruption to a woman’s lifestyle, plans for pregnancy and her relationship with her partner.

Many women feel embarrassed and anxious about their gynaecological issues. It helps to speak to your doctor about them and seek help and reassurance.

There are many treatment modalities for each condition and I will discuss with you the most suitable treatment based on your health status, specific gynaecological condition and most importantly, your preference.

Please contact the practice to book your appointment. It is essential that you bring along your GP referral to enable me to communicate and collaborate ongoing care with your GP. If you are unsure as to whether being on your period may affect your examination on your appointment date, please inform the friendly receptionists who may be able to advise you. They may also ask for a brief synopsis of your condition so that the appropriate appointment times can be allocated to you. All health and personal data is treated confidentially, according to the Australian Privacy Laws.

Please check out the topics below for information about some of the common gynaecological health concerns.

Abnormal cervical screening tests

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Heavy Periods

Polycystic ovarian syndrome

Menopausal symptoms

The Itchy-Scratchy and Vaginal discharge