Dr. Abi Thevakumar

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Dr. Abi Thevakumar

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Pregnancy Care

I understand how precious this new and exciting journey is for couples. I will guide you through all your concerns and ensure that your care is right for your circumstance. I believe in empowering you to make the right choices for the safe arrival of your baby and will work with you to achieve the birth experience you want.

My areas of interest are:

Antenatal Care – Your First Visit

Booking Your First appointment:

Congratulations! It’s best to book your first appointment to see Dr. Abi when you are about 10-12 weeks pregnant. Ideally you should see your regular GP first, when you get a positive pregnancy test. They can discuss all the initial blood tests and scans (Routine antenatal tests – blood tests, scans, swabs | healthdirect) and give you a referral to see Dr. Abi.

The First Consultation:

This usually takes about 45 minutes. You will be welcomed by Dr. Abi and her Practice Midwife, Alice Holland. Its important that they get a full medical history to identify any pertinent issues that may impact your pregnancy. This is to ensure the best outcome for you and your baby. They will then discuss the results of your blood tests and any scans already performed.

Dr. Abi will do a basic ultrasound scan to look at baby and listen to baby’s heartbeat. You’re welcome to take photos or video this.

Dr. Abi’s ethos is to empower you to have the birth experience you want. She and Alice, will discuss and relevant issues pertaining to the first trimester and make a brief plan, with you and your partner, for the rest your pregnancy. The rest of your appointments can be booked in advance after this visit.

Registering with Northern Beaches Hospital

After the initial appointment, please complete the online registration with Northern Beaches Hospital.

You will receive a welcome email with relevant information regarding your stay, Antenatal classes and other services offered. 

Dr Abi is usually available 24/7. If she is unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness or is away on planned leave, she has arrangements in place for the care of her women by a trusted colleague who’s practice and values align with hers.

Antenatal Care Packages


This package is suitable for couples/women wanting Dr. Abi’s continuity of care throughout their pregnancy and birth. You should ensure that you have adequate Pregnancy cover with your Health Fund. There may be some additional out-of-pocket costs not covered by your Health Fund. Please contact us for a detailed estimate.

Hospital-Shared Care

This package is suitable for couples/women who aren’t with a Health Fund (no Pregnancy Cover) but would like Dr. Abi’s care and expertise throughout their pregnancy.

However, your birth (Vaginal or Caesarean) will be under the care of the Midwives and Doctors at the Northern Beaches Hospital as you will be admitted as a Public Patient.  

Any admissions during your pregnancy will be as a Public Patient and managed by the Public Hospital doctors and Midwives. 

Self-Funded Private

This package is suitable for couples/women who aren’t with a Health Fund (no pregnancy cover) but would like Dr. Abi’s care and expertise throughout the pregnancy and birth, and are willing to incur the full out of pocket costs as a Private patient at the Northern Beaches Hospital.

If you have Medicare, you will receive a rebate for some of the services. 

Birth Preferences

Dr. Abi’s endeavours to empower you to receive care that is right for your circumstance and for you to feel safe and confident in your pregnancy and birth journey.
A natural or normal birth is one where you have had the birth experience you desired and you and baby are healthy and well. This can be either a vaginal birth or a caesarean.

Sometimes, the unexpected can occur during your pregnancy or labour. Dr. Abi will support and guide you in navigating the different paths to ensure the safest outcome for you and baby.

Maternal Assisted Caesareans

For some women, a caesarean delivery may be necessary as the safest way to have baby. This can sometimes feel very clinical and some women and partners feel a loss of connection to the birthing process.

Dr. Abi was one of the pioneers at Northern Beaches Hospital to introduce Maternal Assisted caesareans. This enables the mother to help deliver her own baby during the caesarean and have immediate skin-to-skin.

Hospital tour and Antenatal/Parenting Classes

These links will guide you through booking a tour of the Birthing Unit, Postnatal wards and the Hospital.

New parents are encouraged to consider the education classes to best prepare them for the birth and the newborn period. 

There are many different types of Classes which include Hypnobirthing and Calmbirthing. Dr. Abi and Alice can help you navigate through these decisions and make some recommendations of classes in the Beaches area.

There is also an option to have a private in-home class by an experienced Midwife. Dr.Abi and Alice support and recommend Pam Ahrens Home.

Postnatal Care

Congratulations and welcome to your little one! Such a rush of emotions during the first few days. The useful links from the Northern beaches hospital will guide you through what to expect in the first few days and support services offered.

Dr. Abi will visit you 24-36 hours after you’ve had baby to ensure your recovery is progressing well. She likes a good cuddle with bub if he/she is awake!  She will discuss usual expectations of care depending on the type of birth you’ve had and a debrief of the birth events. You will be reminded to book your follow up visit with her and Alice in about 6-8 weeks.

Alice usually gives you a phone call about 2 weeks after you’ve left hospital to check in and offer advice and support.

You can contact Dr. Abi and Alice via email if you have any non-urgent concerns after you’ve left the hospital. However, if you have any severe or concerning symptoms you must attend the Emergency Department or call the Birthing Unit at Northern Beaches Hospital.